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A cycle 

Werkjahr of the Christoph Delz Foundation 2020/2021

Locally is an attempt to fuse compositions with the natural sound identity of certain locations. 

The pieces combine with the existing acoustic atmosphere, becoming its counterpart, its completion, a commentary. Composed on the spot, they extend spatially into reality until they cross over into it. The location composes through its acoustic identity, enriches the piece through chance and turns the listening experience into a snapshot. Two sound worlds flow into one another and form a relationship - determination and coincidence.  

The place consists of fragments. Moments, images, acoustic impressions. The pieces are intended as insights, as a capture of a short period of time, a remembering, a pause. 


To hear the pieces, you take a journey, go to the places and listen to the composition through headphones.It overlaps with the existing sounds. Past and present. 

The place determines the music and the music determines the place.

Click on the respective location and a new page will open where you will find the piece and the associated information.

You can adjust the volume according to your preference and thus intervene in the mix of composition and existing sound world.

(There are two places to discover in Zurich. Zoom in on the map and they will appear.)

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